Published on December th, 2012


For over 25 years, Marc Swersky has collaborated with some of the top artists and writers in the music business. As a successful songwriter/producer/musician his albums have sold in excess of 50 million copies. Marc is a two time Grammy Award Winning songwriter featured on: The Bodyguard Soundtrack for the song “Trust In Me,” sung by Joe Cocker and Thanks And Giving All Year Long (Executive Producer, Marlo Thomas) for the song “I’ll Give Anything But Up,” sung by Hilary Duff. Marc is a co-publisher on much of his catalog with EMI Music and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. He is also President/Founder of Monocentric Music, a full service entertainment company. Monocentric’s current featured artists are Gedeon Luke and Peta Jeffress. Gedeon’s debut record, “Perfect Ain’t Perfect”, was produced by Marc and will be released late 2012. Peta Jeffress, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, has recently signed to Island Records/AUS. Her record will be released in early 2013. Through the constantly changing landscape of the music business, Marc’s innovative and consistent quality of work has kept him in demand. His music encompasses a range of genres, including: pop, rock, soul and country. Marc continues to push the boundaries of art with exuberance and passion.



    *W= Written }{ *P= Produced